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PVC lumber tarps for flatbed truck

Transport your goods with confidence using our PVC lumber tarps designed for flatbed trucks. As a leading vinyl truck tarps China manufacturer, we prioritize both quality and customization. Our commitment extends to crafting durable and weather-resistant tarps tailored to your specific needs.

PVC lumber tarps, composed of vinyl-coated polyester, stand as resilient guardians for transported lumber. These flatbed tarps serve a crucial purpose in the transportation and protection of lumber, shielding it from external elements and ensuring its integrity.

High-Quality PVC Lumber Truck Tarpaulin

Lumber truck tarps come in 18-ounce or 14-ounce weights, and many have a drape to cover the back of the load. Crafted with precision, our PVC lumber tarpaulin offers a robust barrier against adverse weather conditions, dust, and debris during transit.

Customized truck lumber tarp according to your specification

  • Various color: black, blue, red…
  • Different weight: 18oz,16oz,14oz…
  • 2″ high strength webbing
  • Steel D-rings and grommets
  • Customized tarps
lightweight flatbed lumber tarps
18oz vinyl lumber tarps
18oz vinyl blue lumber tarps
24x18 black lumber tarps

Features of Vinyl Lumber Tarpaulin

Our PVC lumber tarpaulin is designed with a range of features that enhance their performance and usability:

  • Heavy Duty Material: PVC lumber tarpaulin boasts a robust construction, designed for heavy-duty applications. Crafted from durable vinyl waterproof and heavy-duty fabric material, it ensures long-lasting performance under challenging conditions. There are 18 oz vinyl, 14 oz vinyl, lightweight lumber tarps.
  • Brass Grommets: The brass grommets enhance their strength and durability, preventing wear and tear.
  • Three Rows of D-rings: Equipped with three rows of D-rings, this tarpaulin offers versatile securing options, allowing for efficient and secure fastening in various configurations. The strategic placement of D-rings ensures a reliable grip and stability during use.
  • Heat-sealed seams and double lock stitched
  • 100% waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Acid and mildew-resistant
  • High resistance to weather wear and tear

Benefits of PVC Lumber Tarps For Flatbed Truck

Lumber tarps offer a multitude of benefits, making them indispensable for transporting and protecting loads.

Their waterproof and weather-resistant properties shield lumber and other cargo from the elements, ensuring that goods arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

These tarps are not only durable but also lightweight, providing a practical solution for covering and securing loads without adding unnecessary bulk.

The versatility of lumber tarps is evident in their ability to accommodate different load sizes, thanks to adjustable features such as reinforced D-rings and various size options.

Beyond protection, these tarps contribute to safe transportation by preventing debris from escaping during transit. Additionally, their easy application and secure fastening enhance efficiency in loading and unloading processes.


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In conclusion, our custom lumber tarps stand as a testament to quality, durability, and customization. Recapitulating their significance in safeguarding cargo during transportation, these tarps offer unparalleled protection in diverse weather conditions.

As your trusted vinyl lumber tarpaulin China manufacturer, we invite you to explore the versatility of our products. Ready to meet the unique needs of your industry, our PVC lumber tarps guarantee secure and efficient load transport.

Contact us now for inquiries, quotes, or to place your order. Experience the assurance of high-quality tarps tailored to your specific requirements.

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Lumber tarps vs steel tarps

Lumber tarps and steel tarps are made from the same materials (PVC coated polyester) and serve distinct purposes in the realm of flatbed trailer coverings.

Vinyl lumber tarps feature a rectangular design with an additional end flap, catering to longer loads like building materials and equipment. This extra flap ensures comprehensive coverage for extended cargo.

On the other hand, steel tarps adopt a straightforward rectangular shape without the supplementary end flap, making them ideal for shorter loads such as steel sheet pallets, steel coils, and machinery.

The differentiation in the design highlights the specialized roles these tarps play, providing tailored solutions for securing diverse cargo types on flatbed trailers.

How to use lumber truck tarps?

To effectively use lumber tarps, follow these steps for secure cargo transport.

First, ensure the flatbed trailer is clean and dry. Unfold the lumber tarp, positioning it evenly over the load. Extend the extra end flap to cover elongated cargo.

Secure the tarp using appropriate tie-downs, ensuring a tight and uniform fit.

Use bungee cords or straps to fasten the tarp securely to the trailer. Pay special attention to corners and edges to prevent wind lift.

Regularly inspect the tarp during transit and make adjustments if needed.

Properly utilizing lumber tarps safeguards your cargo from environmental elements, ensuring a safe and intact delivery.


A lumber tarp is a specialized type of tarpaulin designed for the transportation and protection of lumber on flatbed trucks. They are some of the flatbed tarps you can have. They are normally lighter in weight and can be easily and quickly used to cover your cargo.

These tarps are crafted from durable materials, often vinyl-coated polyester, to withstand the challenges of outdoor conditions during transit.

Lumber tarpaulin typically features reinforced edges, brass grommets, and rows of D-rings to secure the tarp over the load effectively. They are tailored to cover and shield the lumber from weather elements such as rain, wind, and UV exposure.

Absolutely! We offer flexible customization options to tailor PVC flatbed lumber tarps to your precise specifications. Whether it’s a unique size or specific dimensions, our manufacturing process accommodates various load requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your cargo.

Certainly! Our PVC lumber tarps are designed with exceptional weather-resistant properties. Rain or shine, these tarps provide reliable protection, safeguarding your cargo against the elements and ensuring its integrity throughout transit.

Our PVC lumber tarps cater to a diverse range of industries, including construction, lumber, and transportation. These tarps are tailored to meet specific needs, making them indispensable for securing and protecting loads in various sectors.